Shopify Software Alert - Changes To Instagram Feed - How To Remove The Instagram Section

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2020


An important #SocialAlert was recently released by @Shopify which announced the recent changes to @Instagram's API  will affect the #Instagram feed section on your website theme.

 This means the “Follow us on Instagram” section on your homepage will not work as of March 2nd. The images that would have normally been pulled from your account in this area will no longer display. #Shopify did provide a list of alternative 3rd party applications users can use within the App store.


These changes will not affect your Instagram sales channel (the area on you feed where you can tag your products). 

Sharing this so my #Shopify friends can get a head start on changing their homepages (which can be done in the Theme Editor for your site) and avoid display issues in this section of your store front.  

 If you need help removing this section from your feed follow the quick steps below (Note: These steps may vary  as settings...

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3 Reasons To Wake-Up Early - For Entrepreneurs

business May 02, 2019


Full disclaimer: this is not the article to persuade you to join the #5AMClub, but it is the story (my story) of how valuable incorporating an early morning routine has been for me. 

I was (and still am) a proud night owl, scratch that thought, if you know me you know labels aren't my thing, but about 8 months back I was juggling (more like struggling) full-time day job (aka The Investor), client work for Social Charm and trying to have somewhat of a social life. I hit a wall trying to manage it all and realized something was wrong when I started to dread the idea of having to do client work for my business (my baby, my dream). How could it be possible that I had dreamed of this success, but didn't feel happy?

Well my friends, that is what burnout looks like. I was stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and that triggered a domino effect of bad habits (procrastination,  lack of commitment and motivation).I was a walking zombie up to the month of...

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My 3 Favorite Video Editing Apps for iPhone (2018)

Have you ever looked at someones page and wondered "how did they make such cool video graphics?"

Yesterday, I was chatting with some of the members of The Spark Lounge (a group coaching program I am part of) and a question was asked on how to edit videos, I quickly realized that I had a few favorites on my phone and gave some suggestions. Which made me think "there must be more people I know that would find these tips helpful" so here they go:

My three favorite video editing apps (for Iphone and also available on Google Play):


  1. Inshot App - This seems to be one of the most popular apps for video editing. This app gives you the ability to edit videos and photos. Add stickers, text, music and voice overs and effects. Also great if you are looking to trim your videos, adjust the speed and merge multiple videos all in one place.b If you've scrolled through FB or IG recently, you might have noticed TONS of videos that have a meme style format (if you are not quite sure to what I am...
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