About Us

I’m Jess!

As a lover of all things glamorous, I started Glam With Jess to sell jewelry, personalized mugs, chic office supplies, gift boxes, and workspace organizers. I believe everyone deserves a little pizzazz, so why not add some sparkle and shine to your day, from your accessories to your office space?

I was born in Puerto Rico to hard-working Dominican parents who inspired me to become an entrepreneur and make a name for myself.  Always a crafter with an eye for fashion, I decorated and sold sparkly hair clips to my friends as early as middle school.  Though my degree is in accounting, I never let go of my dream of owning a small business aligned with my passion, so in 2013 Glam With Jess got its start – I sold jewelry and accessories online and grew an Instagram following of over 30k.  In 2017, I added home, office, and organization products. With my help, you can accessorize your wardrobe and turn your workspace from a boring desk littered with supplies and papers to an inspiring, stylish office with eye-catching pens and organizers.

At Glam With Jess, everything you find has GLAM – it’s trendy, sparkling, feminine, and often pink, but it’s message is one of power and strength.  All of my products have been carefully chosen and crafted – by ME!  A one-woman show, I design and manage my website, as well as process, pack, and ship all of my orders.   I personalize the products myself, including customized mugs, gift boxes, stationary, and greeting cards. Perfect for not only organizing and glamorizing office spaces, these also make thoughtful gifts for all of the strong, fashion-forward women in your life.   My hand-picked jewelry and accessories will compliment your favorite day-to-day outfits, or to add a finishing touch for special occasions.

Contact me for more information on my products, and check out my listings to find that perfect piece of glam to add a touch of fashion and flair to you and your office!